Vaccine rollout finding traction as supplies increase

Access to the COVID-19 vaccine is growing exponentially as more states have been receiving shipments over the past few weeks ( As it currently stands, almost 53,000,000 people have received their first dose, and over 26,000,000 are fully vaccinated. President Biden has said that the U.S. should have enough vaccines for all adults within the country by the end of May, although it will take some time to have all of them administered.

While states have mostly been given autonomy over how the vaccines would be administered, the Department of Health and Human Services recently ordered states to prioritize teachers and other school employees. This will help states focus on safely reopening schools, a major priority of the Biden Administration. This move will also help parents return to work, providing a greater sense of normalcy. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said, “It’s going to take burdens off our parents and families. It’s going to make our schools get back to the business of teaching our kids.”

On top of prioritizing teachers, several states are opening up availability to adults over the age of 50 or in some cases 55. States like Michigan are also prioritizing factory workers regardless of age. They are able to do this now that there are three vaccine options available including the two shot Pfizer and Moderna options, and the newly approved one shot Johnson and Johnson option.

This all comes as several states are starting to remove restrictions, opening up most if not all businesses and ending months long mask mandates. While some are concerned that this will limit or even reverse that progress that has been made, governors in these states have argued that American should be trusted to make prudent decisions moving forward. After almost a year of lockdowns, restrictions, fear, and loss, are Americans finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Image Credit: AP Photo/Jessica Hill

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