Trump reelection chances dwindle

Since election day the Trump campaign has been filing lawsuits in swing states where the votes have been close, claiming voting irregularities and fraud ( These states include: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin. There have been dozens of lawsuits between these states, but the Trump campaign has either lost or withdrawn most of them. As it currently stands, former Vice President Biden is projected to receive 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, and leads the popular vote by over 5 million.

His leads in each of these states are relatively close, with about a 25,000 vote difference in Georgia, about 10,000 in Arizona, about 150,000 in Michigan, and 30,000 in Nevada. This is especially close considering that over 150 million votes were cast, the most in an American election. Several states also took longer time to count their mail in ballots, and Trump leads in these states slowly became Biden victories as the days went on.

The Trump campaign has argued that late mail in votes, invalid votes by dead or out of state voters, and voter fraud plagued the election, however, even if this is true, the amount of votes needed for this to happen is proving to be too many. UC Irvine law professor Rick Hasen said, “With an overwhelming number of losses and withdrawals of cases, there is no path for the Trump campaign to overturn the results in a single state, much less states making up more than 36 electoral college votes.”

While President Trump still refuses to concede the election, several members of the Republican party are already recognizing Biden as the president elect. Biden will still take the role, regardless of whether he concedes or not. Earlier in the election cycle Trump refused to answer how he would respond to a defeat, and Biden even said he would get the military involved if Trump wouldn’t leave the White House. Hopefully this will not be necessary come January and President Trump can use his final weeks to finish any business before the next administration.

Image Credit: Bryan R. Smith/AFP via Getty Images, File

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