Trump campaign running on all cylinders leading up to November 3rd

The Trump campaign has been out in full force the past few weeks as the President tries to sway voters in swing states ( So far President Trump has visited Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Iowa, and Georgia. Of those states, Trump won all but Nevada in 2016. As it currently stands, most polls show the President trailing challenger Joe Biden by as much as 12%.

Trump has covered various topics at these rallies, focusing on key issues such as COVID-19, the economy, and Biden’s record over the past 47 years. He has used his experience with COVID along with several staffers who have recovered to show that we are on our way towards recovery and full reopening. He said, “It's rounding the turn. You'll see that. Normal life — that's all we want. We want normal life. Right?" While the economy has struggled under COVID restrictions, Trump has pointed to his first three years, as Americans saw an unprecedented economic boom. Trump lauded his efforts, saying, "We had the best employment numbers we ever had. We had 160 million people working.” He has also been critical of Biden’s record in office, saying, “He's a servant of the wealthy donors, globalists and special interests who got rich bleeding America dry and putting America last." Trump has also made appeals to suburban women who made up a sizable demographic in his 2016 victory.

Thursday will mark the final presidential debate before the election. Once we get to November Trump will increase his rally frequency, making as many as five stops a day. Many have already voted, but Trump may still be able to sway undecided voters who plan on waiting until election day. Will these rallies and Trump’s debate performance be enough to propel him into a second term?

Image Credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

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