Major cities see protests as election remains undecided

Protests calling for every vote to be counted have been growing several major cities such as Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., and New York City as election results are still being counted in several key states ( As of the publishing of this post a winner has still not been determined.

While most news sites show former Vice President Biden with the lead, projecting him to win outright, Republicans are holding out hope. Even if results are finalized soon the Trump campaign has already filed lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia, citing potential fraud and lack of transparency. These lawsuits could extend the election timetable long into the month of November, if not into December. This is not without precedent either, as the 2000 election wasn't decided until December 12.

Trump has also called for an end to vote counting as several states continue to count absentee and mail-in ballots, with some states still accepting ballots into next week. Protestors have responded in droves, marching to the slogan, "Count Every Vote!". One protest organizer said, "We're here because the simple fact is we want to make sure that Donald Trump and his cronies don't steal this election." Other protesting groups have joined in on the marches including BLM activists and anti-police protestors.

Many of the protests have remained peaceful, but hundreds of citations have been issued, and in New York City 25 people were arrested. Police were also able to confiscate a few weapons including knives and M-80's. Businesses in major cities had already boarded up their storefronts in preparation for the election. Depending on the ultimate outcome these cities could see increased protests, and a greater increase in violence.

Image Credit: David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

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