Friends of the Program: The Morris Family Center for Law and Liberty

We’re going to do something a little different with today’s blog post and highlight one of the friends of the program: Houston Baptist University’s Morris Family Center for Law and Liberty. We have worked with Dr. Chris Hammons and his team several times over the years. He hosted two teacher development seminars, one on John Locke in 2018 and one on Karl Marx in 2019. He was also a speaker at the 2019 Bill or Rights Colloquium and served as the first guest on our podcast.

The Morris Center for Law and Liberty’s mission is as follows: The Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty is dedicated to the promotion of American founding principles, the rule of law, the preservation of liberty, and free enterprise. Our mission is 1) to educate our fellow Texans about the principles that make America an exceptional nation; 2) to train and equip teachers, lawyers, and the business community to articulate and defend these principles; and 3) to facilitate civil discourse among diverse groups about the political, social and economic implications of a nation truly committed to liberty and justice for all.

Their next big project for the program is their new $23 million complex, modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia ( The university broke ground on March 2 and it is set to open on July 4, 2022. Dr. Hammons said, "Students will take classes in a replica of the very room in which the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were drafted. Can you imagine the impact on a young person to be seated in the very room where Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, or James Madison sat? What better place to teach students about our nation’s founding principles than in the very room where they were forged!"

We are very excited for this opportunity for their program and look forward to partnering with them in many future endeavors. To learn more about the friends of our program, check out:

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