First Presidential Debate Analysis Resources

Tuesday night marked the first of three presidential debates between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. While the Liberty and Learning Fellowship is a non-partisan organization, I wanted to make a few objective observations about last night’s debate. These observations will be a summary of points that most in the news media seemed to come to a consensus on.

  • The debate was one of the most difficult to watch in American history, with numerous personal attacks and constant interruptions.

  • Neither candidate was able to adequately define their positions, especially independent of the other’s views.

  • When given the opportunity to speak uninterrupted both candidates had well articulated points, but at times strayed from the questions asked to give their own answers.

  • The format of the next two debates should be slightly altered to allow for better communication (i.e. the option to mute the mics, especially at the beginning of each session when a candidate is given two uninterrupted minutes)

Here are some links to various takes from different news outlets:




New York Times:


Image Credit: Patrick Semansky/AP

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