Capitol Building officers to be awarded by Congress

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that the officers who helped protect the Capitol Building will be receiving the Congressional Gold Medal ( Pelosi said, "The outstanding heroism and patriotism of our heroes and demand our deepest appreciation. ... We must never forget the sacrifice of Officer Brian Sicknick, Officer Howard Liebengood, MDP Officer Jeffrey Smith and the more than 50 USCP who sustained serious injuries, or the courage of the heroes such as Officer Eugene Goodman." Pelosi has not announced when the awards will be given, but is currently gauging interest for cosponsors of the bill.

Officer Sicknick unfortunately passed after receiving a head injury from a fire extinguisher during the riots. Officer Goodman has been brought to the forefront for his work in diverting rioters from the Senate chambers and turning Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) away from other incoming rioters. The National Guard has since been called in to guard the capital, and will remain stationed through March.

This news comes as the Trump impeachment reaches its third day of trial. The President is being charged with inciting the riot that led to the violence at the Capitol Building. While it looks like he will ultimately be acquitted, some members of the GOP are considering voting in favor of impeachment after seeing new footage of the attack. Democrats will be making final arguments today and a decision will be reached soon.

Regardless, the news that the Capitol police will be honored is a bright spot on an otherwise dark part of recent American history. This is easily something that will garner bipartisan support, something that seems to be increasingly fleeting. Will this measure bring a better sense of closure to the event?

Image Credit: © UPI Photo

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