Candidates already vying for battleground states

The 2020 election cycle is in full swing as both the Biden and Trump campaigns have ramped up spending on television ads in several key states ( The six key states they are focusing on are Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona. Trump won all of these states in the 2016 election, earning 101 of his 306 electoral votes. His victories were especially notable in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania because they are traditionally blue states.

Early projections have shown Biden with a significant lead, however Trump has gained some ground after the Republican National Convention. During the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton was consistently projected to win, but Trump still managed to come out on top. It looks like Democrats have learned their lesson and won't underestimate Trump this time around. if the 2016 election cycle taught us anything, its that polling numbers don't always accurately project the outcome.

The Biden campaign has outspent the Trump campaign on tv ads, while Trump is investing heavily in digital ads. Biden has been able to raise significant funds, recently receiving a $100 million pledge from Mike Bloomberg to help him in Florida. That being said, campaign spending does not guarantee a victory. To put it into perspective, in 2016 the Clinton campaign raised twice as much money as the Trump campaign.

Speaking from personal experience I have seen several Biden ads while watching television, and many from both campaigns on Facebook and Youtube. While some ads have outlined the positions and accomplishments of their respective candidates, most have served to tear down their competition. Whether these will have any significant affect on either campaign will have to be seen.

Image Credit: Caroline Amenabar/NPR

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