Big Tech under fire after alleged censorship

Tech giants Facebook, Alphabet (the owners of Google and Youtube), and Twitter are being called out after a recent article by the New York Post was allegedly censored ( The article was posted last Wednesday and linked both Hunter Biden and former Vice President Joe Biden to business dealings in the Ukraine. The information was taken from a laptop that the FBI recently subpoenaed. While some of the information may be based on conjecture, or lacking significant evidence, if proven to be true it could prove damning for the Biden campaign.

The article was shared across social media after being posted, however sites such as Facebook and Twitter shut down the story. Facebook deleted countless posts about it, while Twitter suspended accounts including the New York Post’s official account and the official Trump Campaign account. Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said, "This is election interference, plain and simple. For Twitter to lock the main account of the campaign of the President of the United States is a breathtaking level of political meddling and nothing short of an attempt to rig the election.” The alleged censoring of the article actually brought more attention to it, as politicians and journalists pushed back.

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the subpoenas for CEO’s Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and Sundar Pichai (Google). The vote was unanimous as only 12 Republicans were present for the committee (all Democrats on the committee were boycotting the meeting because of the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett).

Tonight marks the final presidential debate. In the first debate, President Trump kept pushing to bring up Hunter Biden, but neither Joe Biden or Chris Wallace would engage the question. We will have to see if this issue comes up again tonight considering how much attention it has received over the past week.

Image Credit: Reuters

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